Planter for garlic JJBroch

Planter for garlic JJBroch

Standard equipment:

Three-point linkage Cat II.

The frame in the form of solid timber.

Mechanical markers.

Row spacing adjustable and installed on demand.

Boroznoobrazovateli with variable depth.

14 lozhechnyh clips on the disc.

10 complete sets of clamps.

Separate hopper with vibrating system.

Hopper capacity of about 50 kg.

Two supporting-wheel drive.

Seeding rate of 6 a 15 seeds per meter.

The sealing rear coulter.

Section for the two-row seeding (Models X2).

Additional equipment:

The sealing rear vibrososhnik.

Press wheel.

Rear harrow.

Mechanical mikrogranulyator.


Precision engineering, high performance, compact and robust design, easy to operate and maintain. Intended for planting seeds lukovichnoobraznoy forms, garlic, Onion, small potatoes, saffron, etc.

The principle of operation of the machine is: lander captures chives and with precision and without damage to the seed drops them in the required quantity and the desired depth. High precision, efficiency, low maintenance, easy and convenient operation and adjustment of the equipment to make one of the necessary tools for any manufacturer of garlic.

In fact, our garlic planter is planting machine to plant any seed lukovichnoobraznoy form as garlic, onion Onion, small potatoes, saffron, tulip etc. Average performance of 4 row planter - 2-2.5 ha / day (8 hours).